Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Review - Tears of the Sea

5 out of 5 stars
TEARS OF THE SEA is a fantastical story, the likes of which I have never read before!
Perdita was once a woman who dreamt of true love but the evil warlock, Forwin insists such love does not exist. Entering into a bargain with him, Perdita’s world is shattered when her beloved proves Forwin’s words true. Now cursed to swim the oceans as a mermaid, Perdita is given an opportunity every ten years to seek out this true love she so believes in.  But after three hundred years, her hope is dwindling.  Until she meets Savion. A man of exemplary noble character, Perdita is convinced he will be the one to break her curse.  But Savion is not taken with her seductions.  Perdita does everything she can conjure up to make Savion fall in love with her.  And though she feels his love, he does not concede to her immoral ways.
Savion in many ways is under his own curse.  Separated from his father and his kingdom, Savion goes about doing good, knowing one day he and his father will be reunited.  A gifted man who is led by an amulet and his heart, he goes to those in need and provides them with justice and care.  When Savion meets Perdita, he is drawn to her, but is exasperated all the same.  A siren who wishes to entangle him, he does his best to keep her safe but not give into her sensual behavior.  He knows there is more to Perdita, and doesn’t understand why she is so willingly gives herself to men.  He sees the good in her, but unfortunately, that good is buried under layers of conniving and deceit.
Perdita and Savion’s story is an allegory of Christ and those who are lost.  The more you read, the more you pick up on the subtleties Ms. Tyndall as woven into this unique love story.  This is a slight departure from MaryLu’s other novels.  Though she stays true to her passion for adventure on the high seas, she creates a world of fantasy that quickly draws you in.  I am not a reader of fantasy or Sci-fi, but I am a fan of Ms. Tyndall, so I was willing to read outside my genre.  I must say, I am glad I did.  I truly enjoyed both the story of Perdita and Savion, and the reminder that Christ loves us in spite of ourselves..  TEARS OF THE SEA is a cross between Narnia and the Little Mermaid with a rich undertow of love, redemption, and sacrifice.
TEARS OF THE SEA is a page-turner for sure!

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