Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time with the Girls

I am caught in a quandary. I chide myself for living events through the lens of a camera hoping to get that perfect shot, and then I put the camera away and say, "No more!, BUT now I realize how few pictures I've taken since Jenn and the girls arrived in January. I hope to get some of the pictures Jenn has taken. But let it be said, pictures or no pictures, Walter and I are enjoying every moment. Walter has never been surrounded by so much estrogen. With Jenn, Lorelei, Addison, and Bella(the dog) in the house, Walter is completely out numbered (but loving it). I know we will look back on this time and an immediate smile will fill out faces. I love the few pictures I have, but I will cherish the moments I've stored in my heart.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Review - Rugged and Relentless

RUGGED AND RELENTLESS was not as exciting as its title.

When four women head out to Hope Falls to regain their investments and set up a sawmill, they realize they need one more thing . . . husbands. So they post an add to kill two birds with one stone. Advertise for able-bodied men to help with the mill, and offer themselves as wives to the top three applicants.

Jake Granger heads to Hope Falls in search of his brother’s killer. His followed the man to Hope Falls and goes along with the ruse of looking for a wife. But, somewhere along the way, his interest in Miss Evelyn Thompson begins to pull at his heart more than avenging his brother’s death. Of course, knowing there is a murderer in their midst, he does all he can to keep the women of Hope Falls safe while he waits for the killer to expose his true identity.

Though the previous description sounds exciting, something was lacking in its presentation. There was really no drama to speak of, other than a bar fight here and there. The interaction between Jake and Evie was okay, but lacked the fire of a true, love/hate relationship. The other women in the mixed seemed to be just that– other woman, nothing amazing or outstanding. I was a little disappointed in its predictability and lack of action.

More Winter

So, this is what we’ve had to deal with for the last week. Snow, upon snow, upon snow! And, while it is beautiful to look at, it is a lot of hard work when you have to dig out your car on a daily basis, shovel your 16 ft driveway, and walk to work because no vehicles will make it up your steep street. Okay, so enough with the whinny. We need the water, and Lord willing this will set us up for an incredible, drought-free summer. But, I would be more than happy if this is the last time I have to hear the word “accumulation” in the forecast.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The PBR Comes to Fresno

Another great year at the PBR in Fresno, CA. It makes for a great weekend since the format changed to a two day event. With plenty of great rides, and no serious injuries, Walter and I enjoyed both events regardless of the rain pounding outside. Being a part of the PBR Fan Club had its advantages this year. With a meet and greet, and getting to go down on the dirt for autographs and photo ops, we had a great time. Looking forward to 2012.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Review - The Jewel of His Heart

THE JEWEL OF HIS HEART was good, but not spectacular. The story had great potential, but somehow lost something in the delivery.

Juliana Brady has had a difficult life. Her father was lured away from her and her mother by the temptation of striking it rich mining. And then, her mother's death leaves her all alone. Juliana is determined to make it on her own independent of charity or handouts.

Josh McBride is single-minded in proving to his successful father that he can make it on his own. A sheepherder, Josh leads a simple life. When he finds some valuable stones, he is tempted by the world of mining, but he is also distracted by his infatuation with one Miss Juliana Brady. He must decide what he wants more, the wealth of mining or the love of one woman.

A good story, and good characters, but a little flat in presentation. I liked the hero and heroine, but at times I felt their emotions didn't run deep enough to keep my attention. The historical notes at the back of the book were interesting and an added bonus. I won't give up on Maggie Brendan all together, I just didn't feel this book had the oomph I was looking for.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


What better way to experience STRYPER, a 80s heavy metal Christian band, then on a road trip with our son and daughter. Walter and I, along with John and Alex, headed to the Queen Mary and checked into one of their original staterooms. All four of us had fun exploring the ship before the concert. Then, we headed to Club Nokia in downtown LA to watch Stryper sing their greatest hits. They put on a great show and were in great form vocally. A great – even if quick –getaway.