Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Review - Surprised by Love

4 out of 5 stars
SURPRISED BY LOVE is the third installment in the Heart of San Francisco series.  It had been a while since I read book one and two so I had to reacquaint myself with the characters and couplings that had previously taken place. But other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the plotline, characters, and Ms. Lessman’s unique style.
Megan McClare has experienced quite the makeover.  Before leaving San Francisco, she was shy, awkward, and weighed down with insecurities and a few extra pounds.  But when she returns from a year in Paris, she has shed not only her extra weight, but her wallflower mentality.   She is a new woman, transformed and ready to tackle the world. When her mother makes arrangements for her to intern at the District Attorney’s Office, she is beyond thrilled.  That is until she finds out her arch nemesis; Devin Caldwell will be working side-by-side with her.  Devin’s cruel and merciless ridicule made Megan an outcast throughout her school years, and even though she hated him for it, she was always secretly enamored with him.  But Megan’s true friend and confident is and always will be Bram Hughes.  Bram, a family friend, ten years her senior has treated Megan just like a little sister.  His constant encouragement and care helped Megan through the awkward stages of life.  Now, Megan can’t wait to see Bram again and see if their relationship can move past friendship.  What happens next it not at all what Megan had expected.  While Devin is doing everything he can’t to win her over, Bram is keeping his distance and at times even pushing her away.  Confused, Megan must decide if she can trust Devin with her heart, a heart that has always belonged to Bram.
SURPRISED BY LOVE was very enjoyable with not only the main story of Megan and Bram, but it also brought closure to the story of Cait and Logan.  The McClare family is large, with many siblings and spouses so you have to work at keeping everyone straight.  But once you do, you will be thoroughly immersed in the affection this family has for each other.  My only one critique would be that the author constantly reminds the reader of the characters past woes and predicaments.  At times, this got a bit heavy-handed.  Other than that, SURPRISED BY LOVE has all the components you would expect from a Lessman novel.
This book provided by Revell, a divison of Baker Publishing for review purposes. 

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