Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Review - Unspoken by Dee Henderson

UNSPOKEN by Dee Henderson was an interesting read, but might be a little slow or too bogged down with details for some readers.

Charlotte Graham has survived one of the most notorious kidnappings in Chicago history.  After being held hostage for four years, Charlotte was found, but remained completely silent about her ordeal.  She now enjoys a life of anonymity and views the mass fortune left to her by her grandfather as a burden she wishes she didn’t have.  When Bryce Bishop, a coin dealer comes into her life, things take a subtle shift.  Charlotte is extremely private and slow to let Bryce into her world, but the more it becomes necessary, the more Charlotte realizes he is a man she can trust.

Bryce Bishop has no idea his introduction to Charlotte Graham is going to forever change his life. A business relationship soon turns to a very guarded personal relationship.  Her true identity shocks Bryce, but also makes him even more committed to being a person she can rely on.

When a reporter decides to revisit her case, and has been able to identify her, Charlotte has no choice but to work with the reporter in exchange for her life of obscurity.  But when the only outstanding assailant from Charlotte’s kidnapping resurfaces, and is a possible threat to her family, Charlotte puts everything on the line in order to have her ordeal finally over and protect those around her.

I did enjoy UNSPOKEN, but felt some of the in-depth descriptions and dialogue surrounding coin collecting and selling was more distracting then profitable.  Charlotte is a hard character to feel attached to because of her much guarded persona.  There is very little warmth emanating from her as a person.  Bryce on the other hand, is the epitome of a modern day prince charming.  The other characters of John, Ellie, Paul, and Ann are very anchoring to the story.  And it was fun to revisit Paul and Ann from FULL DISCLOSURE.

Overall, I liked UNSPOKEN.  Because I am a true fan on Dee Henderson’s I was willing to trudge through the slower sections.  I do wish Charlotte and Bryce’s relationship was more developed at the end of the story, because I don’t feel the content at this point garners the description ‘romance’ book.  While Bryce was the consummate romantic, we never were allowed as a reader to get into Charlotte’s mind or heart to see if her attachment to Bryce was more than her guarded psyche would allow.


Monday, October 14, 2013

My Review - A Reluctant Courtship

A RELUCTANT COURTSHIP by Laurie Alice Eakes is the third installment in The Daughters of Bainbridge House.  Following the haphazard life of Honore Bainbridge was a rollercoaster ride of adventure and emotion.  I couldn’t help but want to see her redeemed in the eyes of her family and countrymen.

Honore Bainbridge’s choice in men has tainted her reputation.  Being courted by a traitor and then a murderer, her heart anxious for love has always steered her wrong.  When she meets Lord Ashmoor, she is sure her luck has changed.  When she finds out he is under suspicion for helping French prisoners escape, she feels once again betrayed by her heart.  Not willing to give up so easily, she decides if she can prove Lord Ashmoor’s innocence, he will gain acceptance and her family will allow her what her heart wants.

Lord Ashmoor finds himself under suspicion by unsubstantiated circumstances.  Because of his American upbringing, and the fact that his father died falsely accused of murder, Lord Ashmoor must figure out a way to regain his place in society.  Knowing a marriage to the right woman, with the right bloodline could ease him back to good-standing, he sets out to find such a match.  Unfortunately, his heart keeps steering him towards Honore Bainbridge, a young woman with a tarnished reputation.  He tells himself she is off-limits, and that he needs to secure a relationship with someone who will elevate his standing.  But the heart wants what the hearts wants even though it could mean they both are accused of treason.

A RELUCTANT COURTSHIP was truly a love story of underdogs.  Honore has been banished to the family home in order to keep her out of trouble, and Ashmoor lives with a cloud of suspicion hanging over him because of his father’s sins.  While both Honore and Ashmoor’s intentions are to clear their names, they can’t seem to keep themselves on the right side of the law. 

I enjoyed the story, complete with all the ups and downs.  I would’ve liked to see more interaction between Honore and Ashmoor, but because of the period in which the story takes place, the two characters had to stay at arm’s length as much as possible.  Though I guessed who the true villain was in the story, it didn’t diminish my interest in seeing how this person came to light.  The only person I had real objection with was Honore’s brother.  He seemed a bit too cruel to me, something I don’t remember from the previous books in the series.

Book provided for review purposes.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Review - Under the Blackberry Moon

UNDER A BLACKBERRY MOON by Serena B. Miller, is a unique novel filled with tenderness, grace, determination, and the story of love conquering all. 

Moon Song has come a long way from the day she stumbled into a Lumber camp seeking refuge from the harshness of winter, after giving birth alone and on her own.  But now it is time for her to go back to her people.  And, because of the fondness the camp owners have for Moon Song, they have asked their trusted friend Skypilot to see her safely home. 

After a major disaster, Moon Song and Skypilot must make their way several miles by foot to civilization. Along this journey their feelings for each other begin to grow into something more than fondness.  Skypilot is convinced he’s in love with Moon Song and tries to convince her of the same.  But, because of the betrayal of white men to both her and her mother, Moon Song is convinced Skypilot will one day leave her and because of that she refuses to give him her heart, even though he already possess it.  After delivering Moon Song safely to her people, Skypilot tries once more to convince her he wants to stay with her and prove his love.  She refuses.  Realizing there is only one way to prove his love, Skypilot sets out on a life altering journey, praying that his path will cross Moon Song’s once again.

I really enjoyed UNDER A BLACKBERRY MOON.  The story felt fresh and unique but my heart ached as the story read as a review of American history and the mistreatment of the Native American people.  The secondary characters added depth and color to an already rich story.  And as previously stated it was the epitome of love conquering all.

Available October 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.  

Book provided for review purposes.