Monday, November 17, 2014

My Review - Recipe for Love

4.5 out of 5
RECIPE FOR LOVE is the second book I’ve read from Brandy Bruce, both were quite entertaining and enjoyable. 
Alison Taylor is facing an uncertain future.  Widowed, raising a young son, and running a struggling B&B, Alison has to decide if it’s time to give up on her dream. 
Chef Jeremy Mitchell needs some time away. Though he is passionate about his work, a bed and breakfast and some fishing seems like the perfect getaway.  When he arrives at the Mountain View B&B, he notices it looks a little tired, but his hostess more than makes up for that.  Immediately, Jeremy feels a connection with Alison and Nicholas, and enjoys spending time with them. 
Not thinking she could ever have feelings for another man, Alison is confused by the attraction she feels for Jeremy.  Hesitant, but wanting to pursue her feelings, she know she has to take it slow for Nicholas’ sake.  Jeremy is more than accommodating and willing to give Alison as much time as she needs-because he knows what he’s feeling is love.
I have to say, there’s something about Brandy’s writing I really enjoy.  There’s no suspense or high drama, just a simple story with genuine characters and a natural realism in their interaction.  Usually stories either lean towards suspense or are a little too sweet for me.  Somehow Brandy takes a simple story, removes the saccharine, and leaves a rich full story for the reader to enjoy.
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