Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Review - Rescue Team

4 out of 5 stars
RESCUE TEAM by Candace Calvert is the second book in the Grace Medical series.  I didn’t think it had quite to wow factor of TRAUMA PLAN but still kept my interest until the end.

            Kate Callison is having a hard time assimilating to the staff at Grace Medical.  Becoming the next ER director is her goal, but the allegiance of the staff to the previous director is making her goal an uphill battle.  When a tragedy strikes the ER Kate has to deal with not only the investigation, but haunting memories from her past.  Though her path crosses with search and rescue volunteer, Wes Tanner on several occasions, she make it very clear to him she doesn’t need to be rescued.

            Wes Tanner lives and breathes SAR.  He is passionate about it because he has been on both the giving and receiving end of it.  After being thrown together with the new ER director of Grace Medical, he’s surprised to find her so irritable.  Especially in such a PR driven position.  But, regardless of first impressions, he feels there’s something more to Kate.

            When Kate and Wes take the time to get to know each other, new found respect and personal interest grows.  But they both are holding back the event in their lives that made them who they are today.  What Kate finds out about Wes is heartbreaking.  But, what Wes doesn’t know about Kate could quite possibly be a deal breaker in their budding relationship.

            RESCUE TEAM was a good read, and as always with books from Candace Calvert, the medical jargon and procedures were realistic and fascinating.  The character of Wes made for a great hero, but Kate’s detached personality took a little more time for me as the reader to warm up to.  Though RESCUE TEAM’s pacing was a bit slow, I still enjoyed it, and look forward to LIFE SUPPORT, book three in the Grace Medical series.




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