Friday, December 06, 2013

My Review - Bound to a Promise

BOUND TO A PROMISE is the amazing story of how Bonnie Floyd turned incredible personal loss into a story of forgiveness and redemption.

In one earth shattering phone call, Bonnie Floyd’s life was changed forever.  Finding out her parents were murdered while sailing the Caribbean, Bonnie is devastated and looking for answers.  What transpires is an amazing story of how God used this horrific tragedy for good in the lives of those who came in contact with Bonnie Floyd.  Bonnie became the feet of Jesus, bringing unearned forgiveness and the story of God’s love to the very people who took her parents’ lives. 

I was fascinated not only by Bonnie’s listening ear to the voice of God, but this book also served as a reminder to me to be thankful in all things, and to realize the small inconveniences or difficulties we all experience on a daily basis is nothing compare to the incredible loss and grief others are experiencing right alongside us.  Bonnie truly put faith into action, even when she didn’t feel like it. 

An incredible true story, autobiographical but with all the suspense and angst of a modern-day novel.

Book provided for review purposes. 

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