Wednesday, January 08, 2014

My Review - Accused

   5 out of 5 stars

ACCUSED by Janice Contore was a great cop drama that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Detective Carly Edwards has been behind a desk for six months following an officer involved shooting.  When a youth her mother has befriended gets collared for a homicide and asks to speak to Carly, she thinks this just might be the ticket she needs to get her back out on the streets.  If she can get the kid to confess, she’ll be back doing what she enjoys most.  Unbeknownst to Carly, her involvement in this high profile case just might get her killed.
A murdered mayor, an undercover cop that looks as if he’s gone dirty, influential people showing up in the wrong places, and Carly’s ex-husband looking for a second chance is just the tip of the iceberg that Carly is dealing with.  But with every stone she overturns in the mayor’s case, more damning evidence turns up, pointing the finger to someone other than a two-bit street punk.  The only problem, someone is now looking to silence Carly before she can share her findings.
I really enjoyed ACCUSED.  Janice Contore-a retired police officer-has the unique qualifications to write from a position of experience, giving ACCUSED a real sense of authenticity.  Her characters were well defined, mixing in the good and the bad that is inevitable in the law enforcement community.  I appreciated that Carly, her roommate, and others were not picture perfect people.  It added depth to the story to have everyone not necessarily on the same page with each other.  I liked the side story of Carly dealing with her ex-husband's infidelity and her confused feelings she still has for him.  But, I don’t think there was enough interaction between Carly and Nick to earn the label “Romance” in the book description.
Overall, a great read.  I have already started ABDUCTED, book two in the series. 


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