Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Survivor by DiAnn Mills

THE SURVIVOR- part of the Houston Crime Scene series by DiAnn Mills- hits all the key elements I look for in a book.  I like to call this formula R.I.S.K.- Romance, Intrigue, Suspense, Kinetic Energy (constant action).
Kariss Walker has just completed a suspense novel based on a true story, and almost got herself killed in the process.  She promises those she loves she’ll be more careful next time.  Well, next time is here and trouble once again has found her.  Dr. Amy Garrett survived a gruesome attack as a child.  Now, twenty-three years later she wants to tell her story with a fiction novel and she’s asked Kariss to write it.  Kariss, of course is flattered, but somehow confused why Amy would want her story told in fiction rather that in a biography or some other genre.  From the get go, Kariss realizes someone doesn’t want Amy’s story told and once again finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer.  Instinctively, Kariss reaches out to FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris.  Even though she broke off their relationship months ago, he’s the only person she trusts when it comes to her and her family being in possible danger.  Her feelings for Tigo have never gone away, but she does her best to ignore them in light of what looks like insurmountable differences.
Tigo Harris wants Kairss back but refuses to embrace Kariss’s faith.  Not that he doesn’t believe in God, but in his line of work he has seen too many tragedies to have affections for a creator who would allow senseless acts of violence to happen to innocent people.  When he finds out Kariss’s life is once again in danger, he feels it validates his point.  As he does what he can to keep Kariss and Amy safe, similarities between what is happening with Kariss and his current investigation into a car bombing have these two cases intersecting.  Finding the common denominator is like finding a needle in a haystack.  But if Tigo doesn’t make the connection soon, Kariss will undoubtedly become the next victim.
I enjoyed THE SURVIVOR immensely just as I have the other DiAnn Mills’ books I have read.  But there were a few things I had issue with.  Dr. Amy Garrett is a professing Christian and a highly respected women’s counselor, but her tactics at times seemed a bit mechanical, self-centered, even deceptive, making her a less than likeable character.  Also, just like in THE CHASE- the first book in the serious- Kariss Walker is presented as an intelligent woman with great insight, but she continues to make questionable choices which inevitably puts her life in danger.  The romantic tension between Kariss and Tigo is there from the get go, but I would’ve preferred to seen more growth in this area.  But, since the cataloging of this book is Christian/Suspense not Romance/Suspense, I have to be satisfied with the little romance present. 
Overall, another top-notch story from DiAnn Mills I would recommend to anyone who likes fast-paced stories with plenty of twists and turns.


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