Monday, January 19, 2009

My Review - The Red Siren

M.L. Tyndall has done it again! What a fabulous story of adventure, trust, faith, and love.

Faith Westcott, has allowed the tragedies that have touched her family to shape the woman she has become. The daughter of a Navy Admiral, Faith has witnessed one of her sisters married off to a tyrannical, womanizing man merely because of his title and wealth. Refusing to let that happened to her or her remaining sisters, Faith does the unthinkable. A lady by day and a pirate by night, Faith sets out to amass her own fortune so that she and her sisters are never forced into a loveless marriage. No longer a woman of true faith, she blames God for the death of her mother, and the atrocities her sisters have been forced to endure. Stubborn, headstrong, and unbending, Faith does what she must do, even though it could mean her very life if she is ever discovered to be The Red Siren, the notorious woman pirate that is vanquishing the Carolina coast.

Captain Dajon Waite is a Captain in the British Royal Navy. His responsibility to rid the seas of pirates stems not just from duty but from his own humiliation of having one of his father’s merchant ships seized by the infamous Red Siren. His upstanding behavior has garnered the attention of Admiral Westcott. So, when the Admiral is called back to sea, he asks Captain Waite to serve as guardian over his three daughters. When left with no choice, Dajon takes on the task, knowing his career hangs in the balance. When he comes face to face with Faith Westcott, something nudges his conscious. He feels he knows the hot-tempered, redhead, but brushes it off as a mild attraction for the belligerent but beautiful woman.

Faith recognizes Dajon immediately as the Captain of the ship she still sails. With his reputation of being a pirate hunter, and now as his position of guardian over her, Faith’s need to be cautious is of the upmost importance. But her hate of all men and her feeling that they are nothing more than monsters who take wives as possessions begins to weaken when she is met with the chivalrous acts and dashing ways of Captain Waite. Torn between her softening heart and her criminal behavior –knowing her sisters future as well as her own hang in the balance– Faith must decide if she can trust God with her future and the honorable Captain Dajon Waite with her heart.

THE RED SIREN was absolutely captivating. In true Tyndall fashion, the action jumped from the pages and the characters came to life. The minor characters seemed anything but that. Hope, Faith’s rebellious and flirtatious sister found her own helping of trouble. And Sir Wilhelm Carteret, a pompous and conniving wimp that vowed to take Faith as his wife, added to Faith’s need to prove herself as independent and un-needing of a man to secure her future and that of her sisters.

THE RED SIREN will totally captivating you and sweep you away to a time gone by. I can’t wait for THE BLUE TEMPTRESS to be released later this year. Touché Ms. Tyndall, touché!♥

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MaryLu Tyndall said...

Tamara, thanks so much for hosting The Red Siren on your blog and for your great review. I'm so glad you liked it!