Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Review - The Bishop's Daughter

THE BISHOPS’S DAUGHTER shadows up and coming journalist, Darrin Bainbridge. Born into wealth and influence, Darrin dodges his dad and the family business in hopes of carving out a career as a freelance writer. With his blog, “Diary of a Mad Black Blogger”, he explains to his following how he is going to make a name for himself – bring down celebrity minister Bishop Kumal Prentiss . But things don’t go as planned for Darrin. His first obstacle is his instant attraction to Emoni, the Bishop’s daughter. Then, after being in the Bishop’s congregation he realizes the Bishop is actually a descent guy with a powerful message. Though Darrin is no choir boy and feels the frustration of being pent up sexually, his outlook on life, love, and faith are challenged in his pursuit of his groundbreaking story, so much so, that when Darrin finds the preverbal skeleton in the Bishop’s closet he struggles with the thought of exposing him.
THE BISHOP’S DAUGHTER is a good read. With colorful secondary characters and a few side plots, the story moves forward at an easy pace. A few of the scenes and some of the language might be too provocative for some fans of Christian fiction, but they lend to the realism of the story Tiffany Warren wanted to portray.

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