Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MY REVIEW - Blood Lines by Mel Odom

BLOOD LINES by Mel Odom, I am sad to say, is the last in the NCIS series. What a shame! His NCIS series has been so entertaining I hate to see it end. Though this series veers from the action/romance genre that I prefer, it didn’t deter me from wanting to continue the series.

In BLOOD LINES, NCIS agent Shel (Shelton) McHenry finds himself embroiled with Victor Gant, a drug lord who is seeking revenge, Shel being the target. Shel –being the proactive Marine type–goes after Victor when Victor levels threats against Shel’s family. Shel has to come to terms with the strained relationship he has with his father, Tyrel McHenry, and finds out along the way, a secret his father has kept from him for over forty years.

Could Victor Gant have really known his father? And is what Victor Gant’s saying about Shel’s father true? If so, it could change Tyrel, Shel, and his entire family forever.

BLOOD LINES is filled with action and emotion. The Christian influence in this book is very low key. Shel’s brother, Don, is a preacher and tries to reach out to both his father, who’s closed himself off from his sons, and Shel with his stubborn streak and unbending attitude. Though we know Shel from the previous books as the hardcore, loner Marine, BLOOD LINES reveals the emotionally hurt youth behind the man. We see his vulnerabilities, and the reason for his arms-length attitude that keeps people from seeing the real man behind the machine.

A great read. A wonderful series.

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