Wednesday, October 01, 2014

My Review - Deceived

5 out of 5 stars
DECEIVED, book three in the Private Justice series, was another great read from Irene Hannon.
Kate Marshall has made great strides moving on after the tragic death of her husband and son. Leaving New York and starting a new life in St. Louis, Kate has found a career that suits her.  Counseling woman who want to reenter the work place has given her life meaning. But, a single glimpse at a boy on a mall escalator sends her spiraling. Convinced the boy she saw is her dead son, Kevin, she follows after the boy and the man he is with.  When they vanish, she turns to the police. When the police are less than helpful, Kate turns to private investigator Connor Sullivan.  Though Connor explains to her the chances of finding the boy is a long shot, he agrees to take her case.
Former Secret Service agent, Connor Sullivan knows there isn’t much he can do to find the mystery boy Kate thinks is her missing son, but he’s willing to do whatever he can to give her closure.  But to his amazement, pieces to a broader puzzle begin to emerge. The boating accident that took Kate’s husband and son might not have been an accident at all.
As Kate and Connor work closely together gathering evidence, their relationship become more personal.  Kate isn’t sure if she’s ready for a romantic entanglement, and Connor doesn’t believe in fraternizing with clients. But no matter how hard they try to push their feeling aside, their connection continues to grow stronger.  When all evidence points to Kate’s son being alive, Connor can’t help but feel that Kate is endanger.  Someone has gone to great lengths to cover-up a murder and a kidnapping. Kate is the only person standing in the way of that person’s success. 
What can I say, Irene Hannon is a top notch romance/suspense writer.  Her stories are always exciting page-turners.  Her heroines seem to have the right mix of need and grit, while the male lead is the consummate hero. Though most times the reader knows who the bad guys are, it’s always an exciting journey to watch the story play out. I can’t wait for the Men of Valor series coming Spring 2015.
Book provided of review purposes.
Available September 2014 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


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