Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Review: The Rose Conspiracy

THE ROSE CONSPIRACY by Craig Parshsall is a calculated story of intrigue and suspense, with a historical spin that fascinates.

When the head of the Smithsonian Institute is murdered–while study missing pages from the famed John Wilkes Booth diary– a conspiracy is expected. Vinnie Archmont, a free-spirited and beautiful artist is implicated, and soon retains brilliant law professor J.D. Blackstone to prove her innocence. Convinced that Vinnie is being set up, J.D. embarks on a journey of discovery that points to the mystical and secretive practices of the Freemasons, a wealthy Lord in England, and possible corruption within the Washington, D.C. police force. With a sentence of death hanging over Vinnie’s head, and a growing attraction to the eccentric artist, J.D. leaves no stone unturned in her defense. Soon, J.D. finds not only his career at stake, but his life as well.

THE ROSE CONSPIRACY was a fascinating read. Its historical content dealing with the Freemasons made for a thought provoking novel that challenged your own thinking. Though romance is hinted at, it is never fully developed making this an exceptional novel for men who don’t like fiction that gets bogged down with personal relationships. I, myself, would have liked to see these storylines more prominent, but this did not dampen my interest in the book. The secondary characters in Professor Lamb–J.D.’s uncle, and Julia–J.D.’s law partner humanizes J.D. when he could’ve otherwise be seen as a one dimensional lawyer with a single pursuit in life. Though a Christian novel, the only person with a true faith in God is looked at as a daft enthusiast with unrealistic beliefs. Only when J.D. is willing to face the guilt from his past does he open himself up to the possible belief of eternal life.

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