Monday, February 23, 2009

My Review - Daniel's Den

Following on the success of his Colton Parker Series, Brandt Dodson has hit another home run with DANIEL’S DEN.
Daniel Borden is a successful stock analyst at the prestigious Capshaw-Crane group. Working hard and playing by the rules of decency, Daniel has made a comfortable living for himself. Stinging from the hurt of a broken engagement, he decides his career is his future and puts all his energies into further himself at Capshaw-Crane. That is until he discovers one of his co-workers has been laundering money, a co-worker that has died in a freak car accident. Reporting what he has discovered to his boss, Daniel feels relieved that his involvement with Mr. Fontaine’s accounts is over – or so he thinks.
Laura Traynor has had enough loss in her life. With the loss of her parents and her husband, she struggles to maintain the Valley Mill, the bed and breakfast she and her husband had worked so hard to renovate. Along with her son, Andy, Laura is barely making ends meet. When Anton Farkas offers to buy her out, she refuses. But she soon finds out that Farkas, and those he works for are not willing to take no for an answer.
When Daniel is framed for Fontaine’s death, he runs, looking for answers regarding the mysterious companies outlined in Fontaine’s portfolio. When his path crosses Laura’s, they soon find themselves on the run from men that want to make them both disappear–for good.
Amidst the terrifying realization that they may never be able to prove their innocence, both Daniel and Laura’s developing feelings for each other surface. Daniel realizes what he had found in Laura and Andy is what has been missing from his life. But has he made this discovery too late?
Brandt Dodson has once again written a book with characters you are instantly attracted to and a plot that keeps you guessing. With crisp writing and fast action, the pages quickly slip through your fingers as you root for Daniel to clear his name. This is my favorite novel from Brandt to date. Where his Colton Parker series only alluded to the possibility of Colton finding romance, DANIEL’S DEN takes the next step and allows the readers to see a true relationship develop between Daniel and Laura. But male readers needn’t fear. The subtlety of their relationship is done without sacrificing the action and intrigue Brandt is known for. Good job, Brandt! You’ve done it again.

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