Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Review - Playing with Fire by Susan May Warren

5 out of 5 stars

PLAYING WITH FIRE, book two in the Montana fire series was just as hot as WHERE THERE’S SMOKE.

When Liza Beaumont is in danger of a grizzly attack, she does the first thing that comes to mind. She calls Connor for help. Even though she and Connor parted ways a year ago because of commitment issues, Liza needs help-and there is no one in the world she trusts more than smoke jumper, Connor Young. Now that he’s back in her life, Liza’s feelings for Connor deepen. When they are forced to explore their feelings for each other while searching for two missing teenagers in the nearby mountains, Liza realizes she’s willing to take a chance on a relationship, even if Connor can’t make any promises.

Connor Young is shocked when Liza calls him for help. The thought of losing her to a grizzly attack churns in him the feelings he has for Liza-feelings that have never gone away. He let her walk away once because he was unable to make her any promises. Now that they’ve reconnected, Connor is ready to address his phobias and do whatever it takes to prove to Liza they belong together.

In the midst of figuring out their feelings for each other, Liza and Connor are dealing with more than just their relationship. They need to find two missing campers, Connor is being pursued by the authorities regarding arson fires being set by drones-Connor’s hobby, and Liza comes face-to-face with a tragedy from her past.

PLAYING WITH FIRE was just as incendiary as WHERE THERE’S SMOKE. This series is chock-full of: passion, action, suspense, and tension. Liza and Connor are meant to be together, but they each are struggling with emotional baggage from the past and allow miscommunication to sabotage their relationship. Now that they are thrown together in a life or death situation, they are forced to decide if they’re going to let their insecurities dictate their future. I love these characters-actually all the characters introduced in book one. They are wounded people with hero-sized hearts.  I’ve already started reading BURNIN’ FOR YOU, book three in the series, and was engulfed by drama in the very first paragraph.

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