Monday, January 30, 2017

My Review - Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful by Susan May Warren

5 out of 5 stars
OH, THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL, finishes the Montana Fire series with, a snow storm, a baby, a wedding, and another relationship that must find its footing if it’s going to survive.

C.J. St. John is fighting back to recover from the injuries sustained in the plane accident that almost took his life. If not for Hannah Butcher, he’s convinced he wouldn’t have survived the crash. Not only did he survive, but C.J. knows in his heart of hearts, he fell in love with Hannah that night. But somehow, he can’t bring himself to admit his feelings to Hannah. Especially since his career is over.

Hannah Butcher was there for C.J when he needed her, keeping him from going into shock and surviving a harrowing plane crash. But, Hannah wouldn’t have made it through her rookie summer with the smoke jumpers if it wasn’t for C.J.’s encouragement. The night they spent on the mountain, Hannah saved their lives, but lost her heart—to C.J. When they get back to civilization, C.J. and Hannah fumble over their feelings for each other, allowing distance to grow between them.

Six months later, Hannah pursues C.J., forcing him to keep his end of their bargain—to dance with her at their team member’s wedding. Unfortunately, a blizzard and a car accident derail them from their plans and forces them once again to turn to each other and God if they are going to survive.

Though this installment had a lot of back story, for those who might not have read the other books, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. BURIN’ FOR YOU was from the point of view of Gilly and Reuben. This novella allowed readers to experience the same plane crash from C.J. and Hannah’s POV, and then the fallout that followed. The characters in this series were so good, because they weren’t perfect. With every strength that defined them, there was an underlying weakness they were struggling with. Throughout the series, each character grew in the relationship with God and each other. A series that is now on my favorites list.

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