Saturday, April 23, 2016


Today's Author Spotlight is C.F. Dunn from the U.K. Claire is an amazing author who has penned a series that is elusive and quite intriguing. I stumbled across Dunn's writing by mistake. I review books for a few publishing houses and received DEATH BE NOT PROUD, the second installment in The Secrets of the Journal series in exchange for posting a review on major outlets like: Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.
In all honesty; I was in a snit when I received this book. Anyone who knows me, knows fantasy is probably one of my least favorite genres. I have a hard time with concepts I can’t wrap my mind around. But, to fulfill my agreement to the publishing house (Lion Fiction), I began what I felt would be a long arduous task of reading a book I knew I wouldn’t appreciate.
I could NOT be more wrong!

DEATH BE NOT PROUD absolutely captivated me! The series centers on Dr. Emma D’Eresby, a professor of history at Cambridge, who is on a quest to find a journal her grandfather began to translate decades ago. Traveling to the U.S. to study the journal, Emma soon finds herself the target of someone’s depravity. Though already intrigued by the enigmatic Dr. Lynes, her attraction for him grows when he comes to her rescue. But, with that attraction comes even more questions about who the elusive doctor really is. The heart wants what the heart wants, and even though Emma knows Matthew is being secretive-even deceptive-she can’t seem to rein her heart back into obedience. When Matthew not only acknowledges Emma’s affection but returns it as well, she thinks he will finally drop the fa├žade he has so meticulously erected and let her in. When Matthew doesn’t, Emma questions if they have a future at all.
This is just an excerpt from my review of MORTAL FIRE (book one). I will be posting all three of my reviews, in their entirety, throughout the week. All I can say is there are not enough adjectives to describe the emotional roller coaster you will experience with this series. And, if you happen to pick up this series and become as entranced as I did, you’ll be happy to know REALMS OF DARKNESS (book four) will be released later this year.
Thank you, Claire, for such a fascinating journey.


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