Friday, September 25, 2015

My Review - The Memory Weaver

2.5 out of 5 stars
THE MEMORY WEAVER just didn’t strike a chord with me. But, in all fairness, I assume some of the responsibility for that. When I saw an endorsement by Romantic Times, I naturally thought there would be more romance in the book. In my opinion, what little romance was there was one-sided and disheartening.
Eliza Spaulding Warren’s life was tragic with very few uplifting moments. She’s taken hostage at a young age by Indians and forced to watch a massacre, her father disowns her for a time and withholds his love, and her husband is self-centered—among other things. It is only her faith in God, her love for her children, and the loving memory of her mother that keeps Eliza going. She is definitely an encourager to those around her, but so little encouragement comes her way.
Throughout the book, excerpts of Eliza’s mother’s diary is slipped in, which was one way of giving backstory. But to me, it broke up the continuity of a story I was already struggling to grasp.
I absolutely commend the author on the amount of research she put into the story. I’m sure for true lovers of historical novels, this is a valuable asset. Unfortunately for me, it just weighed down an already slow moving story.
Again, I take responsibility for reading a book outside my genre of choice, and I did finish the book because I so wanted to see Eliza happy. Unfortunately, in the end, I just felt sad for Eliza and the life that she led. But, if you are a history fanatic, and like reading stories penned more as a memoir, you most likely will enjoy THE MEMORY WEAVER more than I did.
Book provided for review purposes.
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