Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Review - Sabrina's Man

4 out of 5 stars
SABRINA’S MAN is the second installment in the Western Justice Series.
Sabrina Warren is your typical spoiled southern belle.  Used to getting whatever she wants, Sabrina pays little mind to anyone but herself.  But, when her younger sister is romanced by a wicked con-man in disguise and is whisked away to parts unknown, Sabrina’s love for her sister fuels her determination to see her sister safely returned home.
Waco Smith hasn’t had the easiest life, but things are looking up.  As a partner in a successful hardware store and courting the lovely Alice Malone, Waco sees nothing but blue skies ahead.  That is until he is forced to rejoin the Confederate Army.  While away, his life is changed, turning Waco into a bitter and angry man.  Turning to a life of crime, he finds himself serving time in jail when his act of heroism garners him the possibility of a shortened sentence. If he will help Miss Sabrina Warren free her sister from the clutches of the vile Trey LeBeau, he will be pardoned for his crime. 
Sabrina hates the fact that she has to rely on a criminal to help her find her sister.  But she has no alternatives.  Waco Smith is the only person who can work himself into LeBeau’s gang and devise a plan to free her sister.  Along the way, Sabrina is transformed from spoiled debutante into a gritty and determined woman.  Her impression of Waco undergoes a transformation as well, one that has her heart tied in knots.
Gilbert Morris has a very deliberant writing style.  Dividing the book into four parts, each section concentrates on a timeframe in each of the lead characters’ life, setting up the story for the time that their two paths cross.  At first I found this distracting, now I realize it is just the style in which Morris prefers to write.  Much like ROSA’s LAND, Morris takes a man that is not your typical hero type, and turns him into just that.  Waco is quite and solemn, and his feelings for Sabrina grow slowly and without his permission.  He sees himself as unchangeable and unworthy of her love, but that doesn’t keep him from protecting Sabrina and wanting to see her sister safely home. 
The Western Justice series is unique in its delivery, but it grows on you.  I have already started RAINA’S CHOICE, and I’m excited to be treated to another fascinating story from Gilbert Morris.

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