Friday, December 12, 2014

My Review - Raina's Choice

 2.5 out of 5 stars

RAINA’S CHOICE, the third installment in the Western Justice series just didn’t seem to have the same momentum as the previous two books.

RAINA will do anything to get away from her brutish brother-in-law and the sordid Louisiana saloon she works in, even team up with a stranger headed Fort Smith.  Wanting to find the father she’s never known, Raina is willing to confront the dangers of Indian Territory with the help of Tyler Kincaid. 
Tyler Kincaid has just broken out of a Mexican prison where he was wrongfully imprisoned.  Though he is quite sick, his intentions are to team up with Judge Parker and become one of his Marshal’s. 
Knowing Kincaid is her only chance to get out from under the thumb of her brother-in-law, Raina comes up with an idea to get Tyler out of prison. As Tyler’s health weakens, Raina must nurse him back to health if they hope to accomplish their goals. 
Though I wanted to like RAINA’S CHOICE, I felt the characters came across as pretty flat.  Their conversations seemed monotone, neither of them showed much emotion.  The story seemed to progress slowly and without much excitement.  The author had all the right tools: desperate situations, love triangle, lives in danger-but he didn’t take full advantage of these plotlines.  I did appreciate the struggle Tyler had as he came to grips with God and His plan for his life.  But as for the rest of the story, I felt like it went through the paces without really capitalizing on all the groundwork the author laid out.  

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