Monday, June 30, 2008

A Mile in My Flip Flops - My Review

I continue to offer the disclaimer that I am not a fan of Chick-lit, that I need suspense and intrigue to really keep my attention, but once again, I have been proven wrong. A MILE IN MY FLIP FLOPS is not a book I would have naturally picked up on my own. But when I received it in the mail to review, I begrudgingly laid aside the four other books I’ve been dying to start and read Melody Carlson’s latest release . . . and enjoyed every moment of it.

Gretchen Hanover, a 30ish, single who has just been dumped by her fiancĂ© before her wedding, has wallowed in depression, finding solace with Ben & Jerry and HGTV. She finally decides to break out of her rut and purchase a house in much need of repair, fix it, and flip it on the market . . . all in six weeks. With the help of her father, a retired contractor, she’s sure she’ll have no problem fixing up the house and making enough of a profit to afford her a down payment on her own house. Well, things don’t go as smoothly as she anticipated. And when her father tries pushing Noah Campbell, a divorced carpenter on her, as both a sub-contractor and a romantic interest, Gretchen digs her heels in and wants to prove she can finish the project on her own.

A MILE IN MY FLIP FLOPS is an enjoyable, yet somewhat predictable story. Of course, it’s nice every now and then to read a book that moves along at a carefree pace and doesn’t challenge the super sleuth in you. I did find myself on occasion, rolling my eyes at the way Gretchen interacted with Noah, but she soon saw the errors of her ways.


My only real negative to the book is how Gretchen’s father’s heart attack was handled. Unless open heart surgery has really advanced in the last few years, I remember my father being in a lot of pain once he got home from the hospital, and had to constantly hold a pillow to his chest when he had to cough. Now, my father was definitely a go-getter, and not one to sit around and do nothing, but his recovery was slow just the same. Hank seemed to bounce right back, his only complaints seemed to be about his restrictions, not the pain that he was sure to be feeling.

Other than that, I found AMIMFF’s a pleasure to read. This was another example of Don’t judge a book by its cover. I’m not one to be attracted to quirky, but once again I was pleasantly surprised.♥

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