Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hollywood Nobody Continues

FINDING HOLLYWOOD NOBODY by Lisa Samson is the second book in the Hollywood Nobody series. We follow Scotty as she travels to yet another movie set, makes new friends, and yearns to have the secrets of her past put to rest so she can live a normal life.

Continuing in its unique blog/diary writing style, FHN is a great teen novel. Though I have a hard time reading a book with this form of pacing, I once again found myself being able to move pass the method of writing and enjoy the quirkiness of the characters Lisa Samson has created.

FHD answers some questions from book one, and though some of it is predictable, that doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the story. The HN series has grown on me. Though I have had to read book one and two for review purposes for a blog tour, I know I would now pick up book three, even if it wasn’t required reading. Good job, Lisa.♥

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