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My Review - When Angels Cry by MaryLu Tyndall

5 out of 5 stars
WHEN ANGELS CRY is an amazing story. Fiction . . . yes, but profoundly prophetic.

Angelica (Angel) Smoke has been marked by God to be a messenger to the last person on earth she wants to interact with. Daniel Cain, a prominent preacher, just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend. They were an item when Daniel was a seminary student, and she was a cocktail waitress. Despite their difference, they fell in love and planned to marry. Unfortunately, an argument led to their break-up, and forced them to go their separate ways. Twelve years later, Angel is a single mother, still working as a cocktail waitress in order to make ends meet, and loves the Lord with all her heart. She hates her job, but has no choice. The world is an ugly place that has outlawed the Bible, evangelizing, and hunts down those who don’t obey the law. Angel continues to tell others about Jesus—even as she serves them liquor—because she is confident God will protect her as she tries to be a witness and messenger of His. With a message given to her by God, Angel goes to see Daniel. When she confronts him with God’s message, he doesn’t even recognize her, which is fine with Angel. She did what God asked, and now she can move on with her life. Or so she thinks.

Daniel Cain is a very successive preacher of a mega-church in Florida. His good looks, charisma, and ‘positive’ message of love and acceptance has garnered him a flock of over twenty thousand. His career is on an upward trajectory, one that could lead to a job in the White House. At first, Daniel doesn’t recognize Angel when she tries to give him a prophetic message from God. But then, he sees her again, and becomes obsessed with her. Angel accuses Daniel of losing his first love—that the ‘positive’ message he’s preaching is NOT the Word of God—and he needs to open his eyes to how distorted the world has become. He’s reminded several times by Thomas—his friend from college who also knew Angel—that spending time with her is going to derail his career and ruin everything he’s worked for. But, Daniel is convinced, somehow, someway, they can still make it work.

As angels and demons spar in the spiritual realm, the time of decision is drawing to a close. Angel senses the urgency and continues to see Daniel, even though her life, and the life of her son are being threatened.

This outline just scratches the surface of WHEN ANGELS CRY. There is so much more to the story that will keep you turning page after page. One of the most fascinating sections of WHEN ANGELS CRY is the segments told from the perspective of the angels protecting Angel, Daniel, and those around them. These angels know what’s coming and wants their charges to turn before it’s too late. But they can only protect; they cannot interfere. WHEN ANGELS CRY also shines a light on the demons who are in this world, always close by, waiting for any opportunity to destroy whomever they can. Though WHEN ANGELS CRY is steep in spiritual warfare, and prophecy, the romantic facet is well represented by the chemistry between Angel and Daniel. They are meant to be together, but is it meant to be?

A fascinating, provocative, thought-provoking book. A real leap in genre for Ms. Tyndall, but she executes it flawlessly.

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Anonymous said...

“WHEN ANGELS CRY” – inspirational, fiction novel by renowned Author, MaryLu Tyndall.

This book is by far-and-above the most unique novel MaryLu has ever written ! I was completely captivated from beginning to end.
Though it is fiction, adventurous, and romantic … it is also a possible scenario and insight of what the end-times ‘might’ just look like … based on Scripture.
MaryLu has spent years of personal research into the Bible and end-time prophecies. The Word of God is quoted throughout this book. And the characters and story portrayed, are meant to be as close to the truth as possible.
Angelica (our heroine), has a gift from God – visions of the future, and, the ability to peer into another realm. When God asks her to deliver an important spiritual-related matter to Daniel, (former boyfriend), now a famous Pastor of an extremely large “World Super-Church” (though not preaching/teaching from the Bible) … Angelica does not want to be a part of this. However, her obedience and love for God wins over, and she delivers the message. They begin to spend more time together (NOT Angelica’s preference), and Pastor Daniel is both attracted to her, and, appalled by her life – that of being free in the Spirit, and practising “Biblical” truths – from the Bible, founded from the early Church.
In this story, many Scriptural practises have now been banned, outlawed. No preaching or teaching from the Bible; no witnessing in public; and every sinful way of life has now become “the norm” -- ‘acceptable’. No person is to be offended or excluded – everyone welcome, NO matter what life-style they choose to live.
But NOT all believe that way.
Throughout the story, many signs and wonders occur … just like the Bible predicted they would. Time is running out. Angelica is trying desperately to convince Pastor Daniel to hear and follow the truth and change back to his original roots – the “Bible/Word of God”, before it is too late.
Then, the “final trumpet blows” ... and the true-believers are called Home. Did Pastor Daniel heed the calling of God? Did he listen? Did he accept the Truth? Or go back to the original Scriptures, to learn God’s heart and teach from His Word?
You will need to read this book to find out the surprise ending !
This novel is a major eye-opener, and a challenge for sure. It convicted me (not condemn me) … to try to lead a life more pleasing to God, and, to try to speak up whenever possible to the people God puts in my life and path.
It is not only a cry from MaryLu’s heart -- to challenge both the Christian-believers of today to ‘wake up’ and realize the end is near, and, for non-Christians to ‘open their eyes, ears and heart’ … but I truly believe it is the cry from God’s heart.
Very touching, moving, and sincerely written by Mrs Tyndall. 5 Plus Stars !!!

Brenda Hurley