Monday, September 05, 2016

My Review - Told You Twice

5 out of 5 stars

TOLD YOU TWICE takes its readers on a journey of self-discovery. Just like TOLD YOU SO, the first book in the series, you have to be patient and find the rhythm in which the story is written. Once you do, you’ll be pulled into the vortex of TOLD YOU TWICE as it unfolds with raw honesty and life-changing discoveries.

Alexis (Exi) Murphy is excited to start planning her Grace Evangeline themed wedding. Known for her disastrous relationships, Exi is thankful to have found Jeffrey, and has no doubt that they’re meant to be together. However, once Exi is introduced to actor, Bo Corrigan, she wonders if what she and Jeffery share is love or just the comfort of a stable relationship. Not feeling the least bit threatened, Jeffrey allows Exi to spend time with Bo, convinced nothing will come of it. But, the chemistry between Exi and Bo is off the charts, and Bo makes it very clear he intends on wooing her away from Jeffrey. However, what Exi doesn’t know is the volatile past Bo has lived, and how it continues to follow him with dangerous consequences. Drawn to Bo, not so much for who he is on the outside, but for the tortured person she sees in his eyes, Exi will do anything to save him from those who are after him, and the demons that will not let him rest.

Bo Corrigan is every woman’s dream; a real Casanova. From their first introduction, Bo is infatuated with Exi, and that fixation becomes an obsession; but not in a creepy way. Bo is convinced she is what he needs in his life; to straighten him out, to fill what is missing in his life. So, Bo pulls out all the stops to win her affection. The turning point comes when Bo realizes he loves Exi so much, he doesn’t want her poisoned or hurt by his toxic life. To protect those around him, Bo ends up on a self-destructive path that leaves him near death, before he experiences a life transformation.

TOLD YOU TWICE is not your run-of-the-mill love story. Even though it has all of the typical plot points: love-at-first-sight, being swept-off-your-feet, the dashing lead man falling for the simple neighborhood girl, the package in which Ms. Heitzmann presents it is anything but typical. TOLD YOU TWICE has scenes that nearly ignite with sexual tension, and others so deep and dark, I found myself cringing at the anguish the characters were suffering. TOLD YOU TWICE was gripping and difficult to put down.

The added bonus of TOLD YOU TWICE was getting to catch up with characters from TOLD YOU SO. Grace, Devin, and Eileen are prevalent through the story, adding to the drama and turmoil.

Book provided for review purposes.

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