Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Review - Realms of Darkness

5+ stars 
There are not enough adjectives to describe The Secret of the Journal series. As I have stated in my previous reviews—of the first three installments—the story of Matthew and Emma is captivating, intriguing, intelligent, and evocative.

I don’t even know how I can give a synopsis of REALMS OF DARKNESS without giving something away, but I will try to give an overview of the whole series.

Emma D’Eresby’s love of history is a passion passed down to her from her grandfather. However, the study of one particular journal has consumed her and turned Emma’s life upside down. Having survived the abuses of others, Emma isn’t looking for a relationship, but Matthew Lynes—the focus of her research—is the most intriguing person Emma has ever met, and the chemistry between them is off the charts. As their relationship develops, there are those who would like nothing more than to tear them apart, both from inside Matthew’s family, and others from Emma’s past. However, Emma and Matthew recognize they have something special. Yes, they have numerous obstacles to overcome, but they know they’re meant to be together, so they pursue a relationship.

Fast-forward to where we join the story in REALMS OF DARKNESS. Emma has recovered from a near-fatal collapse, and is ready to take the next step—becoming Matthew’s wife. But someone from Emma’s past is determined to ruin her and find out what it is Matthew is hiding. Emma refuses to let this happen and goes to extreme lengths to keep Matthew’s secret safe.

That’s all I can say without giving too much away. The Secret of the Journal series is like nothing I’ve ever read before. Each time I read an installment, I am completely consumed by it, not wanting to put it down until I have read the very last page. I am so thankful I only have to wait until September to read the conclusion of Matthew and Emma’s story. The Secret of the Journal series (and I only have two others) is definitely on my re-read list.

Book provided for review purposes.

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