Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Review - The Reckoning

In one word - AMAZING!
5 out of 5 stars
THE RECKONING was ADVENTURE at its most adventurous and ROMANCE at its most romantic! The climax had as many swelling whitecaps and crashing waves as The Reckoning itself had to navigate. Though this book has a time traveling aspect to it—something new for Ms. Tyndall—it was a direct hit!
Morgan Shaw’s life is careening out of control. Diagnosed with cancer, being dumped by her boyfriend, and navigating a difficult relationship with her divorced parents is just the tip of the iceberg Morgan is dealing with. At a Tall Ships Festival with her friends, Morgan wants nothing more than to hide away from the world and her problems. When she seeks refuge in the belly of a replica ship of The Reckoning, Morgan awakes to find she’s been transported back in time three hundred years. Convinced her wealthy father has gone to the extreme to stage an adventurous distraction from her upcoming cancer treatments, Morgan goes along with the elaborate display. But her indifference turns to irritation, and her irritation quickly turns to anger when no one will help her put an end to this ridiculous charade. As her staged adventure continues, Morgan begins to realize even her father could not have engineered such an elaborate scheme, but the thought of her actually traveling through time is more than she can comprehend.  Soon, Morgan is swept up in the adventure and romance of being at sea with a man that is quite handsome with a personality one part chivalrous hero and two parts captivating rouge.  
Pirate Rowan Dutton, captain of The Reckoning, is on a quest to reinstate his name and his family fortune. Just as he positions himself to overtake a ship carrying great wealth, a woman he’s never seen before appears on his ship, distracting him and giving the ship he hopes to plunder enough time to slip away. Infuriated by her untimely appearance, Rowan’s anger is quickly turned to curiosity. This woman is like none he has seen before. Her clothes, her actions, her insistence that he is nothing more than an actor hired by her father, has him intrigued.  When she seems indifferent to his charm and debonair ways, he finds his curiosity of the woman has turned to infatuation. An infatuation that could lead to his death when she divulges his lucrative plan to one of his long held archenemies.
WOW!  I mean WOW! First, let me say, I do not do fantasy/Sci-Fi/time travel. It’s just not my thing. Well, once again I have been challenged to broaden my horizons by Ms. Tyndall’s writing.  THE RECKONING was an incredible journey that not only fed the adventurous spirit, but challenged the spiritual heart. It was clear to me that Ms. Tyndall’s intention in writing THE RECKONING was not just to give her readers another swashbuckling tale, but to remind them that God is there always! In all things! From tragedies to triumphs, our God is there. It is up to us to seek Him out and trust Him always. Some conservatives might question some of the spiritual aspects of her writing (make sure and read the author’s note), but her objective in pointing out the sovereignty of God rings true.
Thank you, MaryLu for another exciting escapade!


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