Monday, August 11, 2014

My Review - Second Chance Cafe

4 out of 5 stars
SECOND CHANCE CAFÉ was the perfect mid-summer quick read.  The storyline was good and the characters genuine.  The perfect break from the suspense books I usually read.
Isabella Romano is feeling stretched.  Not only does her nursing job keep her busy, but her ailing father occupies her time and her thoughts.  So, when patient Ethan Carter vies for her attention, she convinces herself she has no time for a personal life.  
Firefighter Ethan Carter is smitten with Isabella and does everything he can to convince her to give him a chance.  When his back injury is slow to heal, Ethan decides to fulfill a lifelong dream and buy a café.  Something that pushes Isabella even further away.
Isabella’s family is in the restaurant business, something she wants no part of.  When she finds out Ethan has just purchased the café next to the firehouse, she’s convinced nothing could come of their relationship.  What ensues is the push and pull of two people figuring out if they can really make their relationship work.
SECOND CHANCE CAFÉ was a sweet and enjoyable story.  Isabella is stubborn and Ethan is persistent.  The perfect match for a spark-filled romance. 
Book provided for review purposes.


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