Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Review - When Love Comes My Way

4 out of 5 stars
WHEN LOVE COMES MY WAY is not your run-of-the-mill romance.  And while some reviewers found that as a negative, I thoroughly enjoyed its unconventional style
Tess Wakefield has inherited Wakefield Timber from her uncle. Since she knows nothing about the timber industry, her fiancé encourages her to sell it and invest her assets into her own chain of haberdasheries. She has communicated with Jake Lannigan, the foreman of Wakefield Timber, her intentions of selling, but he has not been accommodating or agreeable to her plans.  So, Tess sets out to meet with a buyer and the foreman on Wakefield property.  Unfortunately, Tess is in a devastating wagon accident. Losing her memory, Tess is convinced she is the new schoolmarm. Though every day is a struggle in the small logging town, Tess is determined to make it work and put her mark on the town
Jake Lannigan is beyond frustrated with Tess Wakefield, a spoiled socialite who knows nothing about logging.  Jake and Tess’ uncle had an agreement to replant the groves they were lumbering.  Tess sees replanting as a waste of finances.  She refuses to listen to Jake’s suggestions and decides to sell to Sven Templeton, an adversary of Jake’s.  When Tess is in a wagon accident and losses her memory, Jake allows her to believe she is the new school teacher, even though he instinctively knows she is Tess Wakefield.  Without Tess Wakefield around to sell Wakefield Lumber, Jake figures he still has a chance of seeing his dream of replanting happen.  What he didn’t figure on, was falling in love with the beautiful, engaged, heiress.
Tess has more than fallen for the handsome, Jake Lannigan.  But she doesn’t understand his resistance in having a relationship with her.  She knows he’s attracted to her, but every time they get close, he pulls back.  When Tess finally regains her memory, she doesn’t know how she should feel about Jake.  He’s lied to her about who she really is. But deep down she knows she’s in love with him and willing to forgive him everything.
A really enjoyed WHEN LOVE COMES MY WAY because of its unconventional characters.  When Tess realizes she’s attracted to Jake, she doesn’t hold back.  Being quite forward, she isn’t your typical woman of society.  She sees what she wants and goes after it.  I found that fun and refreshing.  Jake as well wasn’t your normal hero.  He had his flaws but it didn’t distract from the man you knew him to be.  The secondary characters were very well written.  Andre and Echo, even Talbot, Tess’ fiancé was genuine and likable.  A very fun story with a great ending.

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