Sunday, November 30, 2008

MY REVIEW - Leave it to Chance by Sherri Sand

LEAVE IT TO CHANCE is a delightful read. Though it follows a typical formula: a boy, a girl, and a horse, Sands does well in updating the formula with the modern day trails of a messy divorce, a rebellious teen, and a frazzled single mom.

Sierra Montgomery is doing her best to make ends meet after losing her job and having her child support checks bounce. Then, out of nowhere, she inherits a horse, an animal she is deathly afraid of. Knowing she has no intentions of keeping the horse, she runs an ad and hopes to make enough money to pay the next month’s rent. When her three kids find out she is selling the horse, they are devastated. When the deal falls through, and her ex-husband sloughs off just one more weekend with his kids, Sierra realizes her kids cannot face another disappointment, and against her better judgment, decides to keep the horse. Her take charge mother arranges to have Chance boarded with Ross Morgan, a landscaper that happens to be single and gorgeous. There is an immediate attraction between Ross and Sierra, but she has no room in her life for more complications . . . or so she says.

I enjoyed LEAVE IT TO CHANCE enough to ignore the predictability of it. Sands creates some wonderful characters in Sierra’s best friend, Elise and Ross’ father figure, Sid. Ross is your typical good guy hero that you can’t help but fall in love with. LEAVE IT TO CHANCE is a quick read that keeps you turning pages, waiting for the time that Sierra will finally admit her feelings for Ross.

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