Friday, August 01, 2008

Romancing Hollywood Nobody - REVIEW

ROMANCING HOLLYWOOD NOBODY is the third book in the Hollywood Nobody series. The series follows Scotty, a teenage girl, as she travels the states with her grandmother, Charley. They move from movie set to movie set where Charley is employed as a food stylist for movies. But this isn’t the only peculiarity in Scotty’s world. Only recently finding her father, she learns that her mother might still be alive and her father is dedicating himself to finding the truth. Scotty keeps herself busy with her voracious appetite for reading and penning her blog site where she dishes on the Hollywood scene. With her inside advantage, she gives her opinion on everything and everyone that makes up Hollywood. But when challenged that she is nothing more than a gossip and someone who spouts off about people she doesn’t even know, she begins to wonder if her blogging is really serving a purpose or just self-satisfying. Obviously from the title, romance makes a strong showing in book three, but not in the way readers of book one and two would imagine.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Hollywood Nobody series. Though it’s not really the genre I lean towards, it was entertaining none the less. So entertaining in fact, I quickly checked Lisa’s blog site to confirm if there would be a book four. Thankfully it was a yes. Hollywood Nobody is a great Young Adult series, and one that adults will enjoy as well.♥

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